How to deliver a Biomimicry Day in your school

A Biomimicry Day provides a great opportunity to engage and immerse your pupils in biomimicry... to boost their observation, creativity and ingenuity.

A Biomimicry Day is a structured set of learning activities which carefully build the curiosity of your pupils. It takes them on a journey from starting to see nature with new eyes, to learning how nature can be an inspiration to address human challenges, and use their lessons from nature to invent something new... perhaps a new solution to a human problem.

Imagine what your pupils can invent?

It does not need to be a full day. You might:

  • Offer a full day.
  • Use two half day sessions.
  • Deliver shorter sessions each week.

We offer a curated set of Biomimicry Day resources. All we ask is that you register yourself and your school to receive these. Once registered, you will receive an automatic email containing a link to our special resources page. You will also be contacted by your local BioLearn partner with information about support and training opportunities.

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