Learning how to design a strong and flexible building? Helping to create a bottle that does not contribute to the problem of plastics soup? BioLearn is an educational approach in which pupils learn how to use nature as a source of inspiration for different design challenges. Designs that are inspiring and sustainable.

The main goal of BioLearn is to provide teaching materials and training on the topic of Bio-Inspired Learning for youth STEM educators across the European Union.


The challenge we offer

BioLearn challenges traditional assumptions about how things are made and how entire economies are managed. Our materials are created around re-thinking the future, a future that is already happening because many companies are fascinated by nature and are innovative enough to create ‘bio-inspired’ design.


Rich pool of educational materials

BioLearn introduces a new way of learning and offers materials will help young people think about what sort of future they would like to live in and it help teachers to offer challenging education within the framework of the school curriculum. Our target group is 12 – 16 years.


How to navigate

BioLearn is an international project in which we shares knowledge and experiences from the participation countries.

  • You as a teacher can go to page of your country for educational materials. All modules you find there cover several lessons and you will always find a teacher’s guide and worksheets for your pupils.
  • Go to the projectpage for general information and background information on the partners.
  • Go to resources to find out more about the backbone.
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