Nature provides 3.8 billion years of experience in sustainability. Imagine what nature can teach us.

BioLearn provides practical learning resources for students aged 12-16 studying science, design and engineering.

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BioLearn provides teaching materials and training on nature-inspired learning for STEM educators across Europe.

Afbeelding Kingfisher

The challenge we offer

The beak of a Kingfisher as a source of inspiration for the Shinkansen train that does not create noise and the fins of a humpback whale for creating more efficiënt blades for a wind turbine....

BioLearn challenges traditional assumptions about how things are made and how entire economies are managed. Our materials are created around re-thinking the future, a future that is already happening because many companies are fascinated by nature and are innovative enough to create ‘bio-inspired’ design.

And this is only the beginning of an innovative exploration.....


Rich pool of educational materials

BioLearn introduces a new way of learning and offers materials will help young people think about what sort of future they would like to live in and it help teachers to offer challenging education within the framework of the school curriculum. Our target group is 12 – 16 years.