Project Information

Bio-inspired Learning

Spreading the ‘meme’ of Bio-inspired Learning, that was the goal of the plan. We are happy the European Fund Eramus + created the opportunity to put those words in action.
Since that (august 2018) we have been working on creating education materials. These materials are based on existing materials created in the USA (By the organisation Learing with Nature) and the Nederlands (Bij BiomimicryNL).
Next phase was to test the created modules and to work together in adjusting them. We will create events to enrol teachers in the project and also teachers will be trained in their countries and during a internation studytrip in the Netherlands (February 2020).


The result of some years of hard work will be a whole set of educational modules for teachers and students around Bio-Inspired learning and teaching downloadable available in 5 languages.
In total we have approx. 150 pages. All materials are tested in 3-5 schools per country.

All modules have these ingredients:

  • Teacher guide and student materials (worksheets)
  • Innovative approach
  • Bio-inspired
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Tested and approved


Our team

The partners that are participation the project are:


We want to express our gratitude to Eramsus + for supporting this project financially. It has made it possible to create this rich source of very innovative new materials for schools and teachers.