Wijk aan Zee

From the 22nd until the 25th of February 2020, 30 teachers from Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and The United Kingdom came to The Netherlands as part of the BioLearn project. BioLearn is an educational approach in which students ages 12-16 learn how to use nature as a source of inspiration for different design challenges. Together with the teachers we experienced what we can learn from nature when it comes to designing the world around us, and what this could mean for education.

An international group of teachers and the projectpartners enjoyed an intens program of talks, workshops and visits. You van read more in Studytrip BioLearn report DEF

Please find  the presentations of our guests who provided a workshop and all the places we visited below.


Saterday 22st

Jasper Pijnenburg Peellandcollege

Sam Stier Tutelage of Trees workshop

Learning from the sea

Module Learning from the sea - climate proof living

Module Learning from the sea - propel in water

Lydia Fraaije Architect at Biomimicry NL


Sunday 23rd

Biomimicry expo Zorgvrij

the spider Zorgvrij

The lizard Zorgvrij

the klis Zorgvrij

The honeybee Zorgvrij


Monday 24th

Monica Petter - GAIA NL

Perry Vrolijk en Hans Bezemer - GS De lage Waard


Thuesday 25th

Centre for Environmental Education Amersfoort (Green House Presentation)

Interface Geanne from Restorative to Regenerative